(and festivals, radio interviews, resources etc)


The Church Times (the world’s leading Anglican newspaper).
A couple of articles that appeared in their printed newspaper:
Ethical Christmas
Ethical Transport
And an online review – a joint effort, as part of a Church Times press team at Greenbelt:
Greenbelt reviews

Woman Alive (the UK’s leading Christian women’s magazine).
Could You Be a Fair Trader?
(This link is to a copy of the article on their website. The article also appeared in the March 2012 issue of their printed magazine.)

The Life (Scripture Union’s magazine)
Fresher Pressure

Christian Writer (The Association of Christian Writer’s magazine, UK)
Eat Cake More Often
Marmite, Candy-floss and evangelising chickens

I’ve contributed many blog posts to:

I’ve also blogged for
For example: ‘Don’t text Gok’

Damaris (a few articles about the TV show ‘Desperate Housewives’)


I’ve written several sketches, nativity plays, prayers and suchlike for use in both my local church, and the wider church community in the area.

Some resources I designed to accompany ‘Dear Bob’ (endorsed by Scripture Union) are free and downloadable.

I’ve also written some Harvest resources for Traidcraft, for use in churches (2013).

Fifteen years of my life have been spent working in education. I’ve developed some GCSE Religious Studies resources for use in schools, published by Zig Zag.
Featured on publisher’s website
Preview of booklet
(First few pages of booklet are the answers… the acutual booklet for students starts on page 8.)


I’ve been a speaker at Greenbelt (the largest, longest running Christian Arts Festival in Europe) for eight consecutive years. Some of the talks/workshops were run jointly with Zondervan author Penny Culliford. Topics were mainly writing related, with titles such as: Bridget Jones Gets God! But also some on the issue of ‘Generous living’ in association with Generous.

More about my adventures at Greenbelt, from my blog.

I also did a talk at Cross Rhythms Festival on ‘Leaving Home’, linking with this theme in Dear Bob.



These radio stations have interviewed me

Forest FM
BBC Nottingham
BBC Coventry
BBC Somerset
Hope FM
Greenbelt FM (several times!)
Cross Rhythms (twice, 2003 and 2011)

Listen to the Cross Rhythms interview (2011).