I cannot lie
My brain and I
We love to try
To make words… rhyme…?

(A.Porthouse, 2016.
Please only use with express permission.
Copyrighted. Ltd edition. Designer. Stunningly awesome.

Reply from the Lassies

Firstly, my Burns Night poem (Reply from the Lassies) not only went down stonkingly well on the night that I delivered it, but has since been used by many other Desparately-seeking-a-Reply ‘Lassies’ who’ve used the power of Google to hunt one down.
It’s quite insane to think of total strangers reciting your words at their Burns Night bashes, but also quite complimentary, naturally.
Spot the comments (103 and counting!) under the poem!


Similarly, a simple poem I wrote about Greenbelt turned out to be prize-winning!
Granted, it was slightly less prestigious than some well-known poetry awards…
Greenbelt Ministry
and on hearing it had won a prize…!

I wrote another one, the following year, which has yet to win me any major prizes/awards:
Back From Greenbelt


Sainsbury’s Rewards

And a quick one I wrote to express my thoughts while our kids were off at camp:
They Packed Their Bags

My current writing project is an exciting collaborative work with three fabulous writers (Lucy Mills, Lorimer Passmore and Emma Dredge). We’re working hard (AKA: messing around) developing a book of quirky Bible poems for children/teens.
More news later!