For anyone else with kids who go to camp…

Wrote this this evening, thinking of our kids at camp, that we collect tomorrow morning.
It’s very rough, but was just a good way commit my feelings to paper (blog) and also served as a cunning distraction from an essay I’m supposed to be writing!
I make no apology for the fact that it rhymes; it may be un-fashionable, but then so are most of my clothes… yet life goes on.

They packed their bags

They packed their bags (who knows with what).
We drove them there – the cord was cut.
We drove away – the tears did fall:
It’s hard to leave your kids – so tall!
They may have reached their teenage years
But that does not negate my fears
That while they are away from me
Their stay at camp might sometimes be…

It’s good for them to be away
From us, and home, for seven days.
It’s good for them to make new friends.
All this, please note, I comprehend.
I want them to explore and grow
And get some sun, and fun, although
I want them to be safe and sound,
Seeing as I’m not around…
To help.

I want them to find some bits rough,
To build them up – to make them tough.
But not so hard that they can’t cope.
This is my plea – this is my hope.
I pray they get to know God more
And learn what they are living for;
To aid them when life gets too hard.
I pray that they won’t disregard…

Their sheets are washed, their rooms are clean.
The house is calm, bereft of teens.
We can’t complain that they’re afar
We’ve had a blast – the week’s been ours!
We’ve watched what we want on TV.
No Minecraft, COD or MP3.
But twelve hours more and they’ll be back
Their mud-stained clothes we’ll all unpack…

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  1. Reply

    Lovely! Rhyme may not be fashionable but it suits this kind of poem well, good rhythm and upbeat feel. We’ve all been there. Hope they did have a greattime, on balance. They’ll be glad to be home though. 🙂

  2. Reply

    I loved this. It expresses my own feelings perfectly. My 2 teens have just been away on a 7 day holiday. I have them back at home with me now but they’ll be off again for another 5 night camp (at Soul Survivor). I too think of all the things that are so good for them (not least of which is being separated from laptop and TV for a period of time) yet missed them so much!

  3. Amy Boucher Pye


    Ah, I loved this too! Yes, my 8 year old was just a his first camp, and I think it was harder for me and my husband than for him! I loved your rhyme!

  4. Kathryn Price


    Plus, the bathroom floor is currently CLEAR of makeup, books, hairbrushes etc etc. Am loving the quiet – but whilst my daughter is at camp this week, I go on holiday tomorrow with a friend and her two sons, so I am going to miss five days of quiet at home!

  5. annie.porthouse


    Thanks for your comments Clare, SC, Amy and Kathryn.

    Oddly enough, this past week my husband has been away, unexpectedly (and in nineteen years we have never been apart for more than a night or two, and even that is very rare).
    Within twelve hours he was asked to go to Romania (for a whole week) and left for Romania!

    The house is quiet without him too, and I worry about him too… but as yet, I have not penned a poem in his honour!

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