being paid in pies!



Yes, my writing career has reached the giddy heights of being… paid in pies. For some writing. A poem, in fact. A pie poem I posted on this blog after tasting some rather heavenly pies at Greenbelt this summer, here.

The pieminister people found it (someone had entered it into their most prestigious poetry competition) included it in their Winter newsletter and rewarded me by sending a box of their fine pies (worth about fifty quid!).

Poetry isn’t really my thing (which you’ll be nodding your head in agreement with if you’ve read the poem in question!) but now I’ve been paid for a poem, even paid in pies, I am going to consider myself a professional poet (as surely when one is paid for their craft they can be considered a professional?!). Or, if not professional… it’s still technically correct to say I am a prize-winning poet. Oh yes.

Have jested with hubbie that although he may be the primary breadwinner of our family… I am now the pie-winner.
(It’s such rib-tickling humour that keeps our marriage alive, I’m sure.)

So, I’m a poet. A pie poet. A pie-ate.
Anyway, the aforementioned pies are now napping in my freezer, waiting to be re-awakened on some future occasion (xmas day breakie perhaps?).
Yum scrum.

Delivery of box of pies piccies here.


  1. Rachel Chown


    I’m tempted to write an ode to chocolate and send it to Terry’s…or better still the people who make that lovely Swiss chocolate.

  2. Reply

    Actually Fiona, I’m a great fan of book tokens, being a great fan of books! That said, they aren’t quite as tasty!

    Ahhhh… Dave… urrmmmm… not quite sure on that one. I’ll mull over that issue while I munch on my pies.

  3. Reply

    OK, i have thought about it Dave… that would be about one and a half pies I’d have to send to HMRC.

    Never. Gonna. Happen.

  4. Reply

    Don’t blame you, Annie. Either they’d be mouldy by the time they’d finally processed your return, or it would be too tricky if you submit online, or they’d think you were some kind of terrorist, sending a threat in a new form. 🙂

  5. Reply

    If I paid online, would it involve my p… iphone
    or perhaps I could use pie-pal?
    this is getting silly.
    mind you – good idea for a novel: The Pie Terrorist.
    will work on it.

  6. Reply

    You are the Pied Piper of Poetry ! Or somthing ! You are a poet and didn’t know it. Well done, must have been a very good poem. Brilliant, Piefect, or perfect. Very good, a whole lot of good poem.

  7. naomi


    hey annie, there is a moo pie in your photo… knowing your love of all things cow related… cow print, mugs, suitcases, cushions et.c… don’t say we haven’t noticed…

    well anyhow, if you can’t manage to bring yourself to eat them, then i’m sure matt can grab one by the horns and tame it for boxing day.

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