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Fresher Pressure!

Starting at Uni this Sept, or know someone who is…?!

Read my article here, from Scripture Union’s magazine: The Life

[Please note, as the kind person has commented below, the correct UCCF web address is: http://www.uccf.org.uk]



2 Responses to “Fresher Pressure!”

  1. Imogen Says:

    Hey! Great article – I’m heading to uni of southampton this year as a fresher – just want to point out though that when i tried to type in http://www.thecumovement.org/newstudents, the link didn’t work – uccf’s site is http://www.uccf.org.uk :)

  2. Annie Says:

    many many thanks!
    I’ve just put an extra note in the post re this!
    Have a great time at Southampton…!

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