4 weeks to Greenbelt…!

Yes, in a mere 4 weeks time, my family and I will be playing the game: ‘How much camping gear can you cram into 1 car, and still have room for the kids?’ as we head off to Cheltenham Racecourse… not to bet on the horses, but to enjoy August Bank Holiday weekend at the largest Christian Arts Festival in Europe… Greenbelt!

And I’m speaking there again this year… this will be the 8th consecutive year that they’ve been crazy enough to ask me back!

Here are a few pics from past talks (click them to enlarge)… some were as part of the ‘literary’ stream, some in connection with Generous:

2003 – first met the fab-tastic Penny Culliford, both involved with the ‘writer’s surgery’ in the inflatable church!

2004 – Penny and I doing: Bridget Jones Gets God!

2006 – a lot of talks/workshops/interviews in the Generous ‘zone’, a highlight being interviewing Janey Lee Grace, see pic here.

2008 – Me kindly allowing someone else to have their say during a Generous talk (perhaps I wasn’t feeling well)

2009 – Jac and I continue to urge people to Go Generous:

Doing this post is planting an idea in my head about having an entire page on this website, dedicated to Greenbelt-related this n that. This page has some GB stuff on already, but perhaps GB ought to have the honour of a page all of its own.
It’s the Summer hols and I’m off work for 5 and a half weeks… so no excuse not to attempt this, darn it.
I could dazzle you with my award-winning Greenbelt poetry. (Blogged a poem about the pies at GB… pie company found it, and awarded me with a large box of pies through the post, worth over £50… yum yum!).

Last year’s Generous talk (me and Jac) is available to buy here as an MP3… only listen to if you can cope with my very poor jokes relating to fair trade bananas and compost toilets. Seriously – very very poor.

Anyway, if you’re Greenbelting this Summer, call in to The Kitchen on Saturday, 2-3:30pm. The details of the talk/workshop/session/whatever are yet to be finalised. OK, granted… we haven’t actually started with the planning yet, but with 4 weeks to go, it’s quite likely we will, one day soon (myself and 2 very biblical-sounding guys: Peter and Paul).

And watch out for those pies… see if they inspire your creative juices to flow… then watch out for the postman struggling to your door with a large box of freebies…!


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