Revised and updated!

No. Not me.
I’m only 35.
Suspect one needs to be at least 40 before feeling the need to be fully revised and updated.
Ought to find out how long this will take and how much it will cost, so I can be fully prepared when the time comes…

… but in the mean time, my ‘Study Guides’ for Dear Bob have recently had a revamp.
I first wrote them in 2003 (the year Dear Bob was published). It was when I spotted a reference to Gareth Gates that my concerns were first alerted.
Would any teenager/student know who he is nowadays? Answers on a Gareth-Gates-shaped postcard, please.

So, they’ve now been decorated with contemporary references and suchlike, and are available for your use should you wish, for a tenner.
No, only kidding… for zero pennies!

Suitable for any school/uni CU or Church youth group, age 14+

There are 3 studies, focusing on issues raised by Dear Bob:

Independence Day (Leaving Home)
Singleton City (Being Single)
God Who? (Doubting God)

It’s not essential that your group have read Dear Bob before embarking on one of these studies.