Wetherspoons Book Group!

img_3714My local Wetherspoons asked me to be their ‘guest local author’ at their very first Book Group! They offered free tea and coffee to all who attended and even handed round choccie biccies… yum yum!
It all went OK. We went round saying what book we were reading at the moment and what we thought of it. I just about managed to answer questions about Dear Bob (1st novel)… it was 6 years ago it was published, so had a quick skim through it before I left the house to refresh my memory! One man had written a novel and wanted advice about how to go about getting it published; it was nice to feel useful!
An old school friend of mine saw my message about the event on facebook and decided to come… we hadn’t seen each other in 19 years, so that was fab.
Dear Bob was distributed to all present, the plan being that they read it before next month’s group, then come back and discuss it. I said they were welcome to say anything negative about it they wanted, as long as they bought me a large glass of white wine first, so I could drown my sorrows. Hope no one thought I was joking!

It was well-advertised in the local press
And a good follow-up piece here
and here

Bye-bye Greenbelt

img_3414It seems but a lifetime away, but before the memory fades altogether, being extinguished by thoughts of xmas and suchlike, just wanted to put in a couple of links:

here is what the GB website came up with this year. Interesting, as they’d asked for a biog, I’d sent them one… then they chose to ignore it and use one they’d had from 2005! Thus, it mentions that I work on the mags I used to work on, that are now extinct.
They had one back in 2005, when I was doing more literary stuff there, rather than eco (I’ve done ‘something’ there every year since then I think, for my sins).

My this year’s talk has also been recorded, which is a 1st. Either they just got carried away and decided to record all talks this year… or it was my fair trade banana jokes that forced them to make my talk available to be inflicted on the masses. Hmmmm..
It’s available for buying here, should anyone be interested.

They weren’t really ‘fair trade banana’ jokes, as such things don’t exist, as far as I am aware. They were just ‘regular’ banana jokes, that I shamelessly used, and asked people to assume the bananas in question were, indeed, fairly traded… so that my jokes would bear some relevance on my talk.

There was also some toilet humour (that linked in with the concept of ‘sponsoring a toilet’ in a developing country)…have a strong suspicion that next year I’ll be asked, nay, begged, to be on main stage, delivering my FT banana/loo jokes to vast crowds of laughing (or groaning) greenbelters.
Oh yes.