nearly greenbelt!

tilly climbs big tree!
off to Greenbelt a wk today – hurray!

am doing 1 session this year, in ‘the kitchen’, SAT 2-3:30pm, with my good friend Claire.
It’s called ‘still living generously’ and is all about generous, in case that wasn’t obvious!

looking forward to things being a lot more chilled this year… hurrah-hooray. (as in, i’m not doing too much)

if anyone’s interested, i have a adult wknd ticket to GB that i’d be willing to sell for a bargain price!

this piccie is of tilly up a tree in the nearby park (she is just poking out of the top)… who says kids don’t climb trees any more?! (click on it to enlarge)

back from me hols

Sagrada Familiajust back from 2 wks camping!

we went through france, catching a stage of the tour de france on the way, to the very bottom.
staying in St Tropez (4 nights) but visited Monaco, Cannes, Nice and Marseilles also.
Then 3 nights in Roses, Spain (beach).
Then 1 night barcelona (travelodge, £16 for family room!)
then through Andorra and back through France.

tour de france
general beach-i-ness
alpine coaster (andorra)
just being with my fab family

in france and spain they seem to have the same cd issued the exact same to campsites/garages/snack bars full of early 80s brit pop. which is fine by me as i like most of it, but still, a bit odd.

when i was learning french at school, they kindly taught us how to cope at a hotel. but perhaps, for those who didn’t think they were going to be high earners in life, they should have given the option of learning how to cope at a campsite in france… equal opportunities and all that.

‘they’ say that when you go on yr hols, there will be someone on the beach you’re on who will know someone you know. but i STILL found it gob-smacking to happen to speak to a couple in a camper van in huge campsite in Roses, Spain, because they were english, and then happen to find out we were all christians, and THEN this led to discovery that he worked for Scripture Union (publisher of my books) and knew people I know there, etc! we’ve already become facebook friends!!

one for the ladies: if you get a mosquito bite on your leg one day, don’t shave over it the following day.

you can view holiday piccies here
and a few more here
(click on 1st piccie to enlarge, then continue to click again to view next piccie and so on)