The writing pays off, finally!

yes, it’s official… i am a wealthy novelist!

got a statement in the post yesterday, informing me that the PLR (public lending rights) people have just given me a sum of money. Every time someone takes one of my books out of the library, i get a (teeny) sum of money. they add them all up during the year and then treat you with it!


yeah, baby!!!

never let it be said that i’m not fully contributing to the family finances. hubbie’s got stiff competition now… might have to start working longer hours to keep up with me!

And THEN…!

if only i'd had Bob to fix things...!
So, here is my evening…

Thrilled at having the house to myself for an hour or 2 after work, i look forward to chilling out. I decide to quickly finish the flyer I am working on to give to my kids’ Church Fri Club… and THEN it ends up taking me an hour and a 1/2 (DTP is not my thing).

So I get the flyers to club and go for a drink with my m8 sarah… and THEN when we’re walking back up thru town, on our way to collect kids from aforementioned Friday club, we pass some drunk people who accuse us of being sluts (or slags, i forget which) and they were a bit scary and started to follow us so we picked up our pace and lost them (the influence of alcohol slowed them down methinks!). And it was only 8pm!

So we get home, Mark is out at a meeting… and THEN i realise i don’t have key to the house so we are locked out.
and THEN i realise i don’t have my phone as i hadn’t brought it as not charged.
and so T says we’ll ring Dad on her phone… and THEN she realises it’s dropped out of her pocket (only got it at xmas, worth about £40)
so we decide to go to our friends L&R down the road as they have a spare key… and THEN on arrival we remember they’ve gone away for the wknd.
so we go to other friends nearby, T&J, and use their phone to ring mark… and THEN find he’s switched it off as in a meeting.
so phone the house where mtg is… and THEN realise he can’t come and give us key as i have the car.
so i drive, with kids, to the house where he is to collect key… and THEN i take what i think is a road that will take us back through the town to get home, but soon find ourselves in v narrow country road, heading away from the town… and i NEVER go on narrow country lanes… i am v allergic!

so managed to follow the lights and get back to town, find T’s phone in the car, get into house… and all is well.

Mind you, it’s only 9:55pm… who knows what else this eve might have in store for me…?!!

PS… Mark just got home and is making me add that it was my fault that i didn’t know where my phone charger was, and he also would like to point out that he was chairing the mtg i dragged him out of!

so sad… but so true!


… you’ve bought stationery in Bastins
….you think Bath’s a big city
… you can tell sheep from goats
… you know why to avoid Bridgwater
… you think Bristol is ‘up north’
… venturing outside of the 30 limit is just unnecessary
… chinese takeaways that deliver, what are they?
… the smell of cow sh*t makes you feel at home
… everywhere else in the UK feels cold
… you have a friend who lives on a farm
… you live on a farm
… you learnt to drive in a field or on a beach
… you live in a cottage
… your home has a thatched roof
… you think nothing of paying £20 for a 2 mile taxi journey
… you’ve been stuck behind a stupid tourist on a country lane
… you saw the total eclipse in ’99
… your local newspaper’s is ‘cow falls off bridge’
… you turned to drink, drugs or heavy metal at an early age
… your friends say you sound like a farmer
… you have nothing to do after 5:30pm
… you think pink wellies are a fashion statement
… you know how to walk over a cattle grid
… you’ve been pony trekking
… ‘short and choppy on the North coast’ makes total sense to you
… you think nothing of grass growing in the middle of the road
… everyone you meet has been to Butlins in Minehead on holiday
… despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you think a young farmers’disco is a wild night out
… until you went on holiday, the tallest building you had ever seen
was Debenhams in Taunton
… you’ve reversed for 3 miles when you met a stubborn tourist on a
country lane
… it takes you 4 times longer to drive anywhere between May and
….you pack a thermos, shovel and blanket in the car because the HTV top
story was snow forecast in Bristol
… you’re a closet fan of The Wurzels
… your second cousin is also your sister’s stepmother
… your neighbours’ average age is 76
… your best friend goes joyriding in tractors
… you can’t stand the grockles, despite living off their money
… you thought it was normal for more than 50% of your high street’s
shops to be operated by charities
….Biggest story on the local TV news is a cat locked in a shed for 2 days
in Yeovil
….Second biggest story, man fell off his bike in Glastonbury

my comment on this… as you can see, being from somerset means i can tell sheep from goats… essential for all christians… thus, all christians ought to move here, asap!