back from greenbelt !

lest we forget had a fab fab time!

was sooooooooooooo much better just doing one thing (Generous talk thingy) rather than lots of stuff. meant i actually felt like a normal greenbelter and could do lots of stuff!

did a generous talk/discussion/quiz and stuff with claire… lasted hour and 1/2 and we had over 150 people turn up! i like to tell myself they were attracted to my name in the programme, but it’s slightly more likely that they were attracted to the promise of free 2009 GB tickets to be won! it all went v well – totally enjoyed myself and it’s always a pleasure working with claire as she is fab!

went to and enjoyed:

a meditation thingy about happiness and chocolate (in ‘soul space’)
Steve tomkins – speed christianity
rev gerald ambulance (aka steve tomkins)
fair trade panel
john archer
last orders
phillip yancy (secret of the universe)
simon morden (literature venue)
suzanne elvidge (lit venue)
Fightstar (charlie from busted’s new band… a bit heavy for me!)

a bit miffed that i didn’t get to:

jude simpson (sorry jude!)
woebegone brothers (band from long ago)
simon mayo (i’m sorry i haven’t a poo)
cider and carols (in organic beer tent)
several ‘social justice/ethical living’ talks/workshops

but generally i just loved hanging out with the lush gang from our church and also meeting up with old friends: Claire Skinner, Jo Dafforn and Penny Culliford especially, and some Subwayers also (christian writers email list). and in their defense, my friends aren’t THAT old, in case you were thinking i was starting on some new OAP outreach programme or something.

finally, i v v much enjoyed:

that fried potato stuff from that french food stall (had this twice!)
paella (also cooked in those massive wok thingys, as per fried potato)
crepe with spinach, cheese, garlic and cream… yes, cream
hot chocolate with cream and brandy

didn’t manage to get a pie… must get one next year… bring it on!

see my piccies here.
(click on 1st one to enlarge, then again to move onto next piccie)

my books on sale!

books wot i rote
SU are selling my books, which are normally £6:99, for a mere £2:99!
see here

should i be happy about this or not? does it mean they are so fed up with having stock lying around that they want to get rid of them? or should i feel honoured? I expect the former is more accurate, but i’m going to go with the latter, as i’m a positive kind of person!

i only get 50 pennies for each book anyway, so haven’t quite made my 1st million yet. not even my 1st million pennies; now THAT i’d settle for!