i'm a naf txt-er… get me outta here!

can HE fix it... my poor txt speed?
i am realising more and more that i am pants at txt-ing.
it’s not so much that i don’t know the lingo, or i don’t know HOW to txt (tho i could work on that… i only discovered punctuation yesterday!)… it’s more a matter of speed.

now typing (so emails, blog posts, facebook, etc) i do at the speed of light. sometimes faster, but i don’t like to show off about it.

but more and more i am required to reply to people’s txts (only reply- it’s not like i send any voluntarily) and i struggle.

what i really love is that on my phone you have the option of replying ‘yes’. i do this frequently. if it were an email i may well reply using several sentences… a mini essay perhaps… but i use ‘yes’ more often than not when replying to a txt.

i am after a new phone for xmas off hubbie (i want him to get it 2nd hand off ebay tho if poss, to save planet, etc)… i am hoping there’s one out there that has a greater variety of prepared replies…

1] yes
2] no
3] perhaps
4] can i get back to you on that?
5] i am a slow txt-er so will email you a reply.
6] not now i’ve got a headache


or a phone that allows me to create these sorts of options… then i can just select whichever one is most appropriate.

if anyone knows of such a phone, or is able to invent one before xmas, please tell me (via this blog or email, not txt!)