Spud-tastic! (or 'comments on raw potatoes')

hubbie's hands/potatoes growing!
it is an interesting fact (well, ish) that one of the posts on this blog that has received the most comments, i think, is one on raw potatoes. Well, it wasn’t on that topic, it was really on growing yr own veg, but in it i made a chance comment about not eating raw potatoes, and the whole world went wild!

well, not the whole world, obviously, but a few peeps who enjoy eating raw potato and aren’t afraid to say so.

the post is here

if you’re interested, or considering taking up raw potatoes as a healthy snack… lots of advice on the topic (in ‘comments’, not from me!)

funny how we can’t predict what posts will be picked up when people google certain things, and things us bloggers THINK will be interested are sometimes not, like this post, perhaps!


me hiding behind chewwie!
i have discovered the world of facebook. Well, it was kind of discovered for me… several people had been emailing me, inviting me to join up and be their facebook friend, and i declined, and finally gave in when Graham was v keen and it felt rude to let him down!

it’s interesting how much better it is than ‘friends reunited’, altho i notice that this site has improved a lot of late, perhaps coz facebook, etc, is tough competition.

it’s v cool how you can browse for who’s on facebook… old mates from school who you haven’t seen for ages, etc.

it’s even more interesting (to me, anyway) that i can only browse for unmarried female friends, as if they’ve got married i won’t know their new surnames! (the ones i’ve not been in touch with, that is!). So i have found quite a few unmarrieds, but the marrieds will never be made known to me again, espec as i’ve changed my 1st and 2nd names, so v unlikely they’ll track me down! But i’ve found quite a few old mates from 3 old schools, so that’s cool.

it’s a good way of keeping up with friends you see and ones you don’t… and my bro and sis are also some of my facebook friends!

i haven’t got to grips with all the ins and outs of it yet, but one day, when i’ve got 8 hours to spare…!

that’s it – i’m on facebook, it’s cool, and it makes one feel young as i think it was for uni students initially and has only recently been let loose on us ancient types over 30 (but under 35… phew!)

PS the piccie here is my facebook piccie… i notice how most people find the best best piccie of themselves they poss can and use that… i don’t have any such piccie… honestly. So my best bet is to hide behind chewbacca the wookie and hope for the best!