yes, t'was the write course!

the angels i left behindjust been on a writing course (see ‘the write course’ below)

v good stuff. only 48 hours, but a lot was covered… Nick Page and Catherine Fox were particularly good, methinks.

there were only 10 of us (not including speakers/organisers) so nice and intimate.
the old house overlooked Ullswater lake… amazing view. Log fire in lounge. Amazing food, oddly enough provided by the the bloke who runs what is rumoured to be the best Christian bookshop in the country (wish i could remember where it is!) I espec enjoyed the chinese buffet evening… and there was always plenty of wine available!

it was great to chat with like-minded christian writers, and also just to get away from ‘it all’ for a bit. I love my kids, bloke and even work a lot, but it was so nice not to have to do my normal chores and ‘caring’ duties, and to feel a bit like ‘me’ for a change.

i got some hot tips re fiction writing… might even get to put them use them one day!

Doing December Differently

xmas tree (in case you didn't know!) this book has very recently been published by Iona Books… Doing December Differently: An alternative Christmas Handbook (by Nicola Slee and Rosie Miles). These ladies kindly did a talk for the ‘generous zone’ at Greenbelt when I asked them to on this topic… my link with them is that they had already asked if they could quote me in their book! It’s not every one gets quoted in a book, so I was quite excited, but the bit they extracted (from my Church Times article on ‘generous xmas’ last year) was v boring… anyone could have said it imo! (p153, re xmas trees)

Still, I am happy to have been a small (if boring) part of the book… and I have since found quite a large chunk of stuff that was also ‘extracted’ from that article (and been altered just slightly and a few bits added, but not much) pp 134-135, in case anyone’s got the book in front of them, which is highly unlikely!

there’s an awful lot in it; i haven’t digested it all yet, but am working on it.
Highly recommend if for anyone disilusioned with the whole commercial side of the season.

fancy a dip?

baa baa
Phil, deputy editor of the Baptist Times (but don’t hold that against him!) has started up a new website/project (called ‘the sheep dip’) whereby churches can buy articles for their church newsletters.

I am one of his writers, which is how i know about it!

Find it here