you gotta laf

yes, you really gotta
so how come none of you are making comments re this funny funny song, as per the post below?!

i really do think it’s one of the best things i’ve ever seen!
so many of the people i emailed it to have greeted me (even after a week or more) with “wow – that thing you emailed was sooooooo funny!)

so if you haven’t already looked/listened, then please do, even if it’s just to make me happy!

my fave visual bit: where the girlfriend gets all excited and claps her hands really fast when her b/friend is getting to grips with her bible fuzzy felt!

fave lines:
So your girlfriend quotes Bill Hybels
But does she got a big bible?

(yes, it does say ‘but does she got a…’ as this is rap language remember!)

bye for now…

what would jesus rap?

2 things…our kitchen

1st-ly, a poem by a friend, that i think is most cool (but she says it’s just her ‘draft’ version)…

So. You say you have lost
your faith. Tell me:
when and where did you most recently
use it? Can you recall where
you last put it?
Could it be somewhere
in a cupboard? Might you have left it
on the bus?
The best way to avoid
losing your faith
is to carry it everywhere
and keep it close.

V E Zundel

and also, this v v cool track, by american christians no less… i am so used to them being quite serious, or cringy, or OTT, etc, I was chuffed to find that sometimes they are just cool with their faith and all that goes with it!
i actually laffed till i cried, so be warned!
listen to it a couple of times; it’s some of the words that i love the best!



PS the piccie here is of our kitchen, as i spent a while looking for a piccie that related to bibles or rapping, but no luck. Sorry re the blue and yellow… it was ‘in’, once, i think! new suggestions for colours very welcome, not that we’re likely to ever get round to changning it!