clay-dream believer

oh happy clay

yes, the greenbelt piccies aren’t finished yet… here is Tilly, v involved with her clay sculpture for the ‘city of clay’ thingy. They loved doing this… did a similar thing last year i think. And i love it that greenbelt has this sort of thing on offer… so random… so fun… and sorta meaningful too!
Fraser behind her, with his back to us… his sculpture was a more private matter, clearly!

(the title of this post was supposed to resemble ‘daydream believer’ by the Monkeys. i am telling you this just in case you are not a big a monkey’s fan as i am!)

radio ga ga

un-generous wine-hogger (i am) just been interviewed on this radio station, about generous.

the presenter found generous at GB this year and wanted to do a ‘piece’ on it.

went OK – v hard to summerise something like generous, but i prob got all the relevant info across to the masses (!)

the more coverage generous can get the better… must ask tony blair to mention it in his next/last (?) speech.

PS the piccie of me and the gang @ GB… i’m sure i was sharing our (biodynamic/organic) wine, but it looks as tho i’m hogging it, or showing off that i’ve just finished the whole bottle on my ownsome! (The Pot Noodle tub was not bought or brought by us, as we’ve not bought for eons, as you can’t get local or organic varieties (!) but friends had one their daughter started and then abandoned… hubbie and i descended on it like half-starved vultures and consumed within seconds, making those kinds of noises that they make in those rude pot noodle adverts, proving that the adverts really do know what they’re talking about! those babies really are scrumptious…!)