The write course

loo-tasticjust read this interesting/amusing (to me) news item.

Oddly enough, i’m going on my very 1st writing course (well, residential one) in a couple of weeks, run by authentic media (christian publishers) in the lake district!

v much looking forward to it. the topics it covers are v appropriate to me and, dare i say it, ‘my work’ (or ‘work-to-be-when-i-find-the-time’!!

also, i used to go away for a few days each year when i was doing my theology distance learning degree (via OTC) and i miss them, now i’ve graduated. Hubbie was happy for me to go (no comment!) so going I am.

even looking forward to the 5 hour train journey… think of all the reading i’ll get done… bliss!

AND the food looks good.. to have someone else cook for me for 3 days is heaven itself…. oh yes.
AND i’ll get to use a real loo; no offence to greenbelt loos intended, but hey, ya knows wot i mean… eh?!

unhappy kids?

sad kid
more of markie’s mutterings here… well, a news item really.
about kids, and stuff…. called:
UK’s children are some of the unhappiest in Europe

PS i tried to find a piccie of one of my kids looking sad… it took a long time, and even then, she doesn’t look too sad, really. I’m sure this is a good sign; that my kids have pretty permanent grins on their faces… bless!

free book!

conrad's cool book

conrad gave me this ages ago and totally meant to post it but haven’t yet… so here it is… it involves getting something for free so do read on…over to you conrad…!

Published by Zondervan, distributed by Apple, price of Free.

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is you’re getting a free book. The bad news is that you have to listen to ME reading it.

The folks at Zondervan have given me permission to give away an audio version of the entire text of my first book, _Jesus Asked._

This will take the form of a weekly podcast. I’ll be reading about a half-chapter in a chunk (this should be between 10 and 15 minutes).

Subscribe via iTunes: Just open the Music Store, search for ‘Gempf,’ click on the title and subscribe button. That way, iTunes will download the new episodes each week.

This link uses your web browser to open iTunes to my podcast:

If you’re not using iTunes or not sure you want to subscribe, you can download the individual sound files (mp3s) from my website Annex every week:

Just to remind you:

_Jesus Asked_ is a book about the habit that Jesus had of asking questions all the time. The print version is available from Amazon and other bookshops.

John Ortberg called “highly readable and sorely needed”.

Brian McLaren said it was “the best book I’ve read on Jesus in years,” (though I doubt he still thinks that… he’s read a lot of Jesus books since then). He does refer to it in passing in his Secret Message of Jesus.

Dr Conrad Gempf is a lecturer in New Testament at London School of Theology. He worked with the NIV Translation Committee on the TNIV and also with Rob Lacey on his street-wise gospel translation, _The Liberator._ He’s also the author of _Mealtime Habits of the Messiah_ and, in the UK, the author and presenter of the home group DVD _Christian Life & the Bible

clay-dream believer

oh happy clay

yes, the greenbelt piccies aren’t finished yet… here is Tilly, v involved with her clay sculpture for the ‘city of clay’ thingy. They loved doing this… did a similar thing last year i think. And i love it that greenbelt has this sort of thing on offer… so random… so fun… and sorta meaningful too!
Fraser behind her, with his back to us… his sculpture was a more private matter, clearly!

(the title of this post was supposed to resemble ‘daydream believer’ by the Monkeys. i am telling you this just in case you are not a big a monkey’s fan as i am!)

radio ga ga

un-generous wine-hogger (i am) just been interviewed on this radio station, about generous.

the presenter found generous at GB this year and wanted to do a ‘piece’ on it.

went OK – v hard to summerise something like generous, but i prob got all the relevant info across to the masses (!)

the more coverage generous can get the better… must ask tony blair to mention it in his next/last (?) speech.

PS the piccie of me and the gang @ GB… i’m sure i was sharing our (biodynamic/organic) wine, but it looks as tho i’m hogging it, or showing off that i’ve just finished the whole bottle on my ownsome! (The Pot Noodle tub was not bought or brought by us, as we’ve not bought for eons, as you can’t get local or organic varieties (!) but friends had one their daughter started and then abandoned… hubbie and i descended on it like half-starved vultures and consumed within seconds, making those kinds of noises that they make in those rude pot noodle adverts, proving that the adverts really do know what they’re talking about! those babies really are scrumptious…!)

a model hubbie

the lad's still got it

Just in case my last post led you to believe that my other 1/2 is some sort of pink haired white-chested layabout (well, he does have a white chest)… here is a pic to show you how utterly fanciable he is… taken at GB, when he was modelling his new fairly traded t-shirt for me and friends (also it was only £10 which was 1/2 price as it is old stock!)… and you fort i married him for his brains…!

(which are also v attractive, espec when i am in need of info that’s not stored in my brain… which is a whole lotta stuff!)

i'm on page 3!

yes, it’s true

the piccie of me (avec some other personages) in the generous area, as per here, i have now found on page 3 of the flickr greenbelt 2006 album… there are 20 pics per page… there are 2461 piccies altogether!!

this is when you put them in order of ‘most interesting’.

i’m not sure this piccie is v interesting, when all said n done (no offence Drew/Rachel) but who am i to judge the minds of the greenbelt online piccie viewers… !!?
(perhaps some of them have been smoking that ‘fried pot’; see below couple of posts for details!)

clean underpants

yummy scrummy!

as Drew has kindly pointed out (in comment on last post)… more ‘generous at GB’ piccies can be viewed here.

Some are taken by Drew (who does the generous website) and his other 1/2, as far as i can see.

From these pics, i can see that i was actually in David’s talk (from Divine chocolate) rather than Paul’s (from traidcraft)… there is also a pic of me doing my talk on simple living (having just asked for a show of hands re who is wearing yesterday’s underpants) (not really). And also me interviewing janey lee grace (i am wearing same clothes in each of these last 2 pics, as my talk followed the interview… i changed ALL my clothing, every day… honest guv!

this rather gives the impression that i hung out in the gen area constantly, which i didn’t… Jerry and Sue Barr were the real stars when it came to manning the zone… hurrah for them!

It has been gently pointed out to me that my post 2 days ago mentioned me eating ‘fried pot’… i’m sure you know i meant the vegetable version, but just to confirm, in case there was any doubt… the only hemp i have handled recently is in the form of the bag and wallet i bought at GB!

piccie above is my kids lovingly consuming choc crepes… yum yum! (click on it to view it bigger – it really is amusing!)

thinking back to my ‘GB highlights’ post a couple of days back, i think my v fave thing about GB has to be the atmosphere… walking past the bubble stall… seeing that foam swirt from the machine and any nearby kids (and several adults) go totally crazy! Walking back to the tent on my own after the last Last Orders, knowing it’s the v last evening of the festival… taking it all in, smelling the food, hearing various snippets of music and laughter… nothing like it!