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I am not, as Google has a tendency to propose:
‘Auntie Annie Porterhouse’s’ pub in Belfast (although it certainly does look like a pleasant place to down a pint of cider.)
I don’t live in Belfast, and nor does my surname include the ‘er’ insertion… as per the steak (though I do appreciate a ‘well done’ steak, especially with a generous lump of Stilton melted on the top.)

I am, however, a Christian author, living in England (South West: Cider Country) responsible for Scripture Union’s best-selling young adult novel ‘Dear Bob‘, a Bridget-Jones style exploration into ‘Jude Singleton’s’ first year at Uni (and for the sequel: Love Jude).

In addition to this, I’ve contributed to three other books (non-fiction) and have had many articles published, including some in Woman Alive and in the Church Times.

My recent projects have involved developing some resources for Traidcraft (to appear on their website in the near future) and writing some educational resources (GCSE Religious Studies) for ZigZag Education.

I’d love it if you spent some time wandering around my site and blog, should there be nothing decent on the telly right now.

Annie Porthouse

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